Church Restoration

We began our ambitious programme of restoration in 2017. Many members of our community have given up their time to attend working parties held throughout August,. We have started removing over a hundred years of varnish from the doors. There are 48 panels and the conservation team in March experimented on just one to create a method statement that we can follow.

Using the same materials and techniques several other panels have now been restored. Over the summer the aisle floor was also repaired, with missing pieces of the terrazzo replaced and the area sealed against the elements. It now looks magnificent.

In addition 3 of the lakeside church windows have had ventilation added so that the moisture content will not build up over the period of closure of the church as the air will be able to circulate. The entrance gates are also about to be restored over the coming weeks. The installation of a drainage system around the church will shortly commence which will be another way of controlling the moisture in and around the building. There is other work which is in the planning stage for next year with the major work of restoring the internal art work (Sgrafitti), estimated to cost over £50,000. We are currently working on raising this amount.

All in all, this proactive church community, although small and with very limited funds, have made a significant start to the restoration programme. We have a well attended working party every Wednesday during the open season from 10am - 12pm.If you would like to help us with your time or a donation, however small that may be, please visit our anniversary appeal page.